Sunday, December 29, 2013

November at the Nielsen House was not such a great month. Three weeks of 2 sick kids and three weeks of ear infections in two kids. 2 of those weeks overlapping both sickness and ear infections. it was wonderful. Ok so that is a HUGE lie. December came in with great hope because all sickness was finally gone and my kids were happy.

Christmas with a four year old is a lot of fun. What a great age. Emily got up walked out behind me as quiet as she could be and said, "Um Mom. Look at all of that wrapping paper ( meaning can we open presents?). The excitement she was holding back was fun to see. Emily's list for Santa was a "Sophia the first dress up", a red dress and an "Easy Bake open the Oven". She got what she asked for and was so grateful for it. When she opened her Easy Bake Oven she was so excited you could feel the energy in the room triple.
Thomas was not quit into unwrapping this year. He looked at us like" yesterday I got into trouble for this and today you are encouraging this behavior ?" He got some home made building blocks. It was a little sentimental to me because as kids we had home made blocks from my Grandpa Saunders. Every time we play with them I cant help but think of the fun we had with ours.

My husband had a tradition when he was younger. His Grandma and Grandpa Summers would come watch them open their gifts and see what Santa left behind. So this year we invited Mitch's parents to come. Mitch said "If they take forever to get here I'm not making our kids wait". I guess his Grandma LaNae had to do her hair and makeup before she would go to watch the grandkids so she took quite a while. Mitch and his siblings would sit in the window and wait as patently as 4 boys can. I talked to my Mother-in-law about it later and she said it really wasn't all about waiting for Grandma and Grandpa though that was important to her. She also got a kick out of watching them worm and squirm while they wait.

This year I found myself wanting to start some family traditions of our own. So I started looking around for some fun things to do like making sugar cookies and watching "Polar Express" on Christmas Eve. Elf On The Shelf, making candy, sledding, going to Temple Square to see the lights, what to have for Christmas Breakfast. I found myself getting so into making memories that I was thinking what should we be doing next what should I be doing to make things better. It got to the point that it was ridiculous. I was stressing about everything and nothing all at the same time. I didn't take the time to enjoy the moment. I didn't even take pictures  to keep the memories. It is funny how fast something so wonderful and fun can turn into something so stressful only due to our own craziness and selfishness to some degree. Needless to say next year Christmas Eve will be spent playing with cousins, sledding, and games. Navajo tacos and hot Chocolate for dinner. I cant say I didn't enjoy the season because that's is just not true. I got to see so many smiles, love and kindness I can honestly say December is ending on a wonderful note.

Monday, December 2, 2013

 Two years later I am updating our blog! Now we have a laptop that will actually work so hopefully this will be a more than once ever four years project.

Life has been good we now have two children Emily who is now four. She loves to ride her bike, play doctor, dance and sing. Her favorite place to be is her Grandmas I honestly think that she would live there if I would let her. Thomas is one, a lot of fun and so sweet. He likes to play with trucks, cars and to toss a ball. He is 100% boy! His favorite place to be is outside. If he is out he is happy.

This year we bought a house and love the community it is in. The people have been wonderful to us, the ward is very child friendly so I am not so stressed about a little noise out of my kids.
The house itself is ok it need some work but the yard is wonderful. The kids have room to run and I have plenty of yard work to do, and I like to work in the yard.

Our life is simple but I like simplicity and my kids are healthy and happy so who can complain right?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grandpa and Grandma

Emily and Jacobie

Mitch and Uncle Danny

Emily and Jacobie

Terry Charlie and Uncle Danny ;)

Mandy and My Emily!

Miss Emily!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

We took a trip to the Zoo with about 16 people. I don't know about them but I had alot of fun! Charlie and Emily were buds. Charlie is such a good cousin he took Emily all over the place He took her to see all of the animals and the bugs. He even took her to find the toys at the playground that she would like and " not to big for her" he is so sweet! My sister Brit came with her little boy and he is such a doll i could have sat and watch him go back and forth with the animals all day! i cant believe how fast kids grow and understand things.

I know this blog has sat for two years but we now have Internet at our apartment so it makes it easy to keep up. The last year has been crazy for both Mitch's side of the family and mine. We have really been taught the importance of family and service.

Mitch is working construction and I am taking care of his grandma. Emily gets to go with me and I love it.

Emily learns new things everyday like, cat food really is not meant for little girls to eat, and a hose when pointed up in the air above the head will get ALL of your body wet. Also make up is pretty when mom does it and a "mess" when Emily plays with it. The most resent was Worms are gooey and if you show them to grandma Nae she will freak out and yell "Oooo Emily no no no!!!" then try to get it away. The last part is Emily's favorite because Emily can move allot faster than her. So she will ran a little stop let her catch up and then take off again. My girl is a tease! She has also made friends with the three kids that live next to Grandma Nae and has alot of fun with them.

Emily got some new cousins this year too 3 boys. Yes i said 3 more boys the poor thing has one cousin that is a girl and she is on Mitch's side of the family. They are so much fun and such great boys to. Emily loves to play with them all.

I was just put in the nursery at church and have a great respect for the people who have that calling. There are many reasons to not like it but really when it comes down to it, it is very rewarding. Emily is in nursery as well and has alot of fun she loves to be around kids and is very good at sharing (most of the time).

I have alot of pictures to post but will just do a few at a time.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Our little girl is here!!!

I can not find my cord to move the pictures from my camera to our blog so for now you just get the information. Im sorry I will find it in my scrapbook box when i get it all organized this week so you can see our beautiful little girl. Emily Morgan was born September, 23, 09. She is 8lb 9oz and 20 inches long. She has blue eyes and dark brown hair. Where the hair came from I have no clue but i love it! She is wonderful she sleeps almost all night long she will wake up at about 3am and then 6am other than that she sleeps all night. She is never fussy unless she is hungry or your changing her diper she is not a big fan of that.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The News of a Life Time

Now that everyone can see the pictures from our wedding we have to really up date or life. Mitch and I have been Living in Collinston Utah for just about nine months. It is Nice and small the people are very kind and the ward there is great. Mitch is now working for T&L telecommunications and LOVES it he is working with his cousins Nate and Courtney and they are great guys. Not much really goes on around here but we do have one bit of great and very surprising news. WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! we found out on February 2nd Yes it is a surprise to us two but sometimes surprises are the best . We just found out last week that it will be a little girl the first girl on the Hawkes side of the family poor girl she will have three older cousins Terry Charley and Trevy. She will also be the first girl on the Nielsen side in fact she will be the first baby on the Nielsen side. Everyone is excited but i think Mitch is the most excited, Not so much that it is a girl but he wants to be a daddy so much it is funny and he will be a great one too. We have already gotten some things for her like the car seat and stroller, diapers wipes, a teddy bear (because all kids should have one) and now we have pink cloths YAY!!! this baby shopping can be addicting. Mitch love it. For all you women out there there is not many men that like to go shopping and any of you that know Mitch you will know that he is not a shopper he is the get in get what you need and get out. but Baby shopping has been very different! He loves it! in fact he will ask if we can go. It is great and he could do it all day it has been really fun to watch him. Right now I am 18 weeks along and can still fit into my own pants I think that is great. In fact i think up until last week my boss was not sure if i was kidding or not about being pregnant. Now i am showing a little but not much. Yes I know i am counting it as a blessing. The baby's due date is August 23rd and it is coming faster than i thought it would so far anyway we will see how the last half goes.

Mitch and Katie

Mitch and Katie
I just know you wanted to see this picture so i had to post it.

Mitch and Lloyd

Mitch and Lloyd
I dont think anyone wants to mess with there two millitary men!

Try to pick out Mitch he is the good looking one.